Sunday, February 13, 2011

Episode 874: (Almost) Done With Sponsorship Application!

So I somehow managed to not hear my alarm, just as I feared. Woke up five minutes before I was supposed to get a lift from Bex, but it worked out in the end because we ended up being early to pick up the band members who live in Coventry. Holed myself up in the Library, as best as you can on Floor 2 anyway, and wrote my personal statement of purpose for the Masters sponsorship application. I'm not sure if it's what MOE is looking for, and although I tried to cover all the suggested points, they sort of blurred together the way I wrote them up. I think the point that's going to make my application stand out is the reference to how my proposed dissertation can be related back to National Education, which I personally think is valid and interesting to boot. Now if only whoever decides these things agrees with me. Am still short of the reference from Michael Hulse, which I'll probably get only after Reading Week. Error on my part, should have thought to follow up with him sooner. Now I'm going to have to send the application off by DHL Express and hope that it arrives by Friday after next. The electronic copy will of course reach MOE sooner, but the application e-mail did say the physical paper application had to as well. That does strike me as being a bit odd, since the only difference is that the hard copy will be accompanied by the references. Surely though, there are other ways to ensure that the applicant can't intercept his own reference?

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