Saturday, February 12, 2011

Episode 873: Chernise's CNY Party

Just got back from a party at Chernise's place, where there was lots of Singaporean food and tidbits, as well as mahjong. (Thanks for the invite, Chernise!) I won quite a few times, which is always nice, but I think it was really just because I was a comparatively experienced player. Can't remember when was the last time I played, although it must have been about a year ago. It's quite funny though, calling out the tiles in English. Am currently trying to stream the live telecast of the G-Star RAW runway show at New York Fashion Week, but it's not loading, so I might just go to bed in a bit, seeing as I have to be up in a couple of hours for band practice at 9 am. The party was fun though, definitely don't regret staying till so late (even though not getting enough sleep always takes away any motivation to do work whatsoever). I mean, I still might have even if I didn't know Mike was able to give me a lift back to Leamington. Would just have paid a bit to get the NU1, I suppose. Incidentally, I'm quite impressed that out of all the cutlery I took out for last night's dinner party, I've only lost one fork. Made it a point to try and clear up (most of) the cutlery before I had to leave the house.

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