Monday, February 14, 2011

Episode 875: Valentine Schmalentine

Sermons yesterday were good, challenging stuff. Completely randomly, I ended up doing the scripture reading at the evening service, and was told afterwards that I had a very nice reading voice. As compliments go, that one's a first. Anyway, I caved recently and went to have a listen to the new Lady Gaga single 'Born This Way' on YouTube. Very, very disappointing. I really couldn't care less if she's ripped off Madonna's 'Express Yourself' because I'm not a Madonna fan anyway, and I don't even care that it's a bit crass to self-proclaim your song is the new gay anthem. It's just that coming from the singer who gave us brilliant stuff like 'Poker Face', 'LoveGame' and 'Bad Romance', 'Born This Way' just comes across a bit lame. Maybe she should have let RedOne produce the single, instead of it being a four-way mess. Too many cooks, etc. Hopefully, the rest of the album's better. Randomly, I've finally managed to find a live torrent for Grigori Kozintsev's Korol Lir. Meant to be watching it for next week's seminar, comparing it with King Lear and looking at where the film diverges from the text of the play and how this allows us to see the play in a new light. Can you believe I'm trying so hard to do the preparation? I'm actually impressed with myself.

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