Monday, July 04, 2011

Episode 1015: Fresh Tunes For My iPod!

Ended up not writing the review today, although I did read and reply to a submission for The Cadaverine. Still have another to clear, but it's 24 pages long, so I'm saving it till I'm over my jet lag. The accompanying cover letter written by an agent really hyped it up though, so I hope I won't be disappointed. The weird thing is that I don't have a direct contact e-mail for the author, so it's going to be a weirdly worded e-mail, regardless of whether I ultimately issue an acceptance or a rejection. Anyway, I've just had a listen today to Henry Seeley's new EP, Find My Way. I actually like it, much more than I like the usual Planetshakers stuff, which has a tendency to become either too noisy or too floaty for my liking. Seeley's voice still kind of annoys me, but less so on this EP. The new version of 'Open Up The Gates' is a bit weird though, as the lyrical delivery is now synchronised to the underlying beat. Also had a listen to the new David Cook single, 'The Last Goodbye'. Supremely radio-friendly stuff. I've always preferred songs by the other David (Archuleta) from that season of American Idol, but I might give Cook's albums another listen now.

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