Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Episode 1024: Still No Story...

Was intending to get started on my Machine of Death story today, but that plan got derailed by a bunch of submissions that suddenly landed in my inbox. What was particularly frustrating was that the most time-consuming submission, clocking in at the maximum word limit I've set for prose, was also the least palatable. The novelette had a somewhat interesting premise that was poorly executed, and ended up being quite distasteful actually, while the novel extracts felt like they were treading territory that had already been covered in films like Let The Right One In. Hopefully, I can bang out a story tomorrow. I'm only aiming for about 1500-2000 words anyway, and since I'm setting the story in Singapore, I'm hoping the story will somewhat write itself. I mean, if you know Singapore, I'm sure you can imagine all the ways a machine that infallibly predicts people's deaths based on a drop of blood could screw things up here if it were really in existence, right? Answered a couple of questions for the first part of my interview with The Review Review before heading to the Conrad Centennial for some free food at the Warwick event. (It was yummy!) I think what The Review Review does is really interesting, and in some way, complementary to the reviewing work that Sabotage Reviews does, due to its focus on more established (print) magazines. Naturally, I'm also hoping that the interview will help to raise the profile of my own online magazine just a little when it comes out!

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