Monday, July 18, 2011

Episode 1029: Wicked

Today, I actually managed to drag my parents to both Oxfam Bloomsbury and Marylebone, with lunch in between at Tas, a Turkish restaurant along Bloomsbury Street. Highlight of the meal was having cinnamon ice-cream at dessert. The ice-cream had a thicker, stickier consistency than what I normally encounter, as though it'd been made using condensed milk. The grilled salmon I had as my main course wasn't shabby either. Then we walked around for a bit, taking in major landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Would have gone on to the London Eye across the Thames, but it'd started to rain by then, so we headed back to Victoria via the Underground to pick up tickets for Wicked. So yeah, I've finally seen the musical, and I love it! Especially how it rehabilitates Elphaba's character and accounts for the central characters of the traditional Oz story. Also approved of how the relationship between Elphaba and Glinda was organically made more and more complex, and their duets were wonderful. Like Avenue Q, this is one musical I would definitely watch again, and I really want to get into reading Gregory Maguire's stuff now. Anyway, so I've finally heard 'Defying Gravity'. No, I've never heard the Glee cover, although both my parents turned to me at the start of the intermission and commented that the song was familiar and wasn't it from that show both my sisters watch? So congratulations, Ryan Murphy.

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