Thursday, July 28, 2011

Episode 1039: Unconditional Offer, Finally

Trying to get my unconditional offer from Warwick threatened to devolve into a paperwork fiasco. At least until I reminded the Postgraduate Admissions staff member that I'm in fact a brand new Warwick graduate, so there ought to be records openly accessible to prove that, Honours classification and all. That cleared things up pretty quickly, although it did indicate to me that she never even took a look at the photocopy of my degree scroll that I attached and just automatically disregarded it because it came via e-mail. No issues with MOE when I sent it in, although I still need to provide my final transcript, which is so far still MIA. What's up with that anyway? Going to try and bang out a bit of the review tonight before bed, but I suspect the most I'll achieve is re-reading the collection. 500-750 words can't take that long to write, right? Plus I think I've got my angle for the review, and it's definitely to do with the Christian-themed poems in the collection. Might be able to incorporate some of the ideas from my PWP reflective essay, especially Elizabeth Jennings's comments on Christianity and poetry.

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Anonymous said...

i just received my transcript today! if nothing goes wrong, you should receive yours soon too