Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Episode 1023: A Mixed Bag

Today's been a mixed bag. Boxes arrived after all, despite UPS somehow thinking that the delivery address was incomplete and therefore not completing the delivery yesterday. One brusque e-mail to UPS later, and the boxes arrived in the middle of the afternoon. Score! Unfortunately, neither my IC nor my ATM card were inside any of the boxes, which were actually almost 100% filled with books. Hadn't remembered packing so little else into them. Now, I need to get another bookshelf! Dad's already agreed, but it's simply a question of where to buy it from and how to fit it into my room. Still, the relief of finally receiving the boxes pales in comparison to the e-mail I got earlier from MOE PED, making me an in-principle offer of sponsorship for my MA! That's right, another fully funded year of university. That's a load off my mind, at least. Supposedly have to post my acceptance letter back by 18 July, but as I don't yet have a transcript as confirmation of my Honours classification, I'm waiting for them to get back to me on how I should proceed. With a bit of luck, the transcript will arrive from the university within the next couple of days, and then everything'll be sorted.

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