Saturday, July 16, 2011

Episode 1027: Packed For Graduation!

Am feeling a bit stupid now. The NLB literally has a copy of every single book of Singaporean poetry that I brought back from the UK a couple of weeks ago, so I'm carting them all back, since that's where I'll need my own copies, not here. Thankfully, everything fits into the suitcases, and I'm not exceeding the luggage allowance for SIA. I'm sure eventually, I'll only require a fraction of the books I'm bringing over, but without a dissertation proposal drafted, there's no way I can make up my mind on something like which books to leave behind in Singapore. So packing's essentially done, and I don't think I've left anything out. Also finished reading the Machine Of Death anthology last night, and I must say, placing that particular story at the end was brilliant. Now aiming to finish Anne Carson's Decreation by tomorrow. Bringing along the two remaining things I need to review, and maybe Paul Glennon's The Dodecahedron: Or A Frame For Frames. Incidentally, I really, really hope I find my ATM card and IC in one of my boxes that are in storage. Going to spend the day before graduation hunting for them, maybe have dinner with my parents at Noodle Bar after that.

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