Friday, July 08, 2011

Episode 1019: Catching Up With Cell...

Completely forgot that cell meetings are on Fridays, until I saw Myrtle's e-mail about this evening's meeting being replaced by dinner. Parents are on holiday at the moment, so there wasn't any reason to pass up on having dinner outside, and besides, I haven't actually seen my cell in about half a year. Dinner was at Mad for Garlic, which is an Italian restaurant with Korean origins. (Yeah, it sounds incredible to me too.) The food was pretty good, but you probably have to be a garlic person to enjoy it, I suppose. Then we took a walk to Marina Bay Sands, so I can now say I've been there. Had a look at the casino itself from the entrance, and it looked, well, like a pretty average place to me. The rest of MBS though, rivals Orchard Road or VivoCity in terms of its being an unabashed celebration of consumption. It's very glitzy, even without all the outlets being open yet. Basically, not the sort of place someone like me should be given free reign in, once I start drawing a salary. Am now waiting for the last northbound train, and hopefully I'll be able to get a seat for the journey home!

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