Monday, July 11, 2011

Episode 1022: C'est Incroyable!

Just got back from having dinner with Hui Juan and Shirley at tcc, and I can't believe my Seven Seas boxes, which have been dispatched for delivery since the early afternoon, still haven't arrived! Given that the stated delivery timeframe on the tracking website is between 9 am and 7 pm (although of course a caveat is inserted to say it might be even later), I'd say that this second experience with Seven Seas isn't going swimmingly either. Singapore's not a huge island, so I don't get how the boxes couldn't be delivered in a timely fashion today, like they were supposed to be. Frankly, it's going to sound harsh, but the only excuse I'd accept is if I woke up tomorrow and read in the papers that a UPS driver was involved in a fatal accident. Even then though, I should still have been kept informed, right? Anyway, I had a really chatty barber today when I went to get my hair cut. New guy, looks like he's the one manning the place now. Carried on the conversation entirely in Chinese, which I was quite pleased I managed to do, although I think inquiring about the state of my love life on a first haircut is rather too forward.

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