Thursday, July 21, 2011

Episode 1032: Graduated!

So, we've all gone from graduands to graduates. The actual ceremony was a bit tiresome after the first few rows had gone up. By the end, my clapping was getting perfunctory. Hearing the MB ChB students affirm the Geneva Convention was pretty cool though, so I'm glad my course was in the morning ceremony. Made my parents trek to Millburn House so that I could take a picture there, more for sentimental reasons than anything else, but otherwise, the whole idea of capturing memories in photographs seemed to function on this occasion more for my dad's benefit than mine. Ah well. Just got back from a nice dinner at Le Bistrot Pierre. I'm not normally a fan of things like animal blood or internal organs as food, but there's just something about Stornoway black pudding I can't resist! Have also started looking at MA modules, as choices need to be submitted by 1 September. I've managed to pick out enough modules to satisfy the Poetry and Poetics Pathway requirements, so even if I don't get all my first choices, or my dissertation proposal is rejected, I should still be fine. Tempted by the Open Pathway though, just a little. Think my problem is that quite a few modules I'd have chosen aren't running this year, mostly because of staff members being on leave, I'm guessing. We'll see how it goes...

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