Thursday, July 14, 2011

Episode 1025: Story Written And Submitted!

So I finally wrote the damn thing. Don't think it's entirely what I'd had in mind to begin with, but there you go, sometimes stories just work out differently. All I really wanted to do was take a chance and submit something anyway. If I make it into this second Machine Of Death anthology, that would be pretty cool though. Not even talking about the USD 200 they pay to contributors. Just the fact of being in the anthology would be enough. Almost done reading the original anthology as well. Also finished off the second round of questions from The Review Review, so the full interview might be up in a couple of days. Will definitely post a link here when it is. Incidentally, for some reason visitor traffic to the journal has spiked the past two days, after having dipped over the weekend. I think on the whole, we've stabilised at around 50-75 viewers daily, although not all of these are landing on the main page. Quite a few are being directed to specific posts, probably by referral from the contributors themselves. Whatever the case, I don't really mind. Like I said in one of my interview replies, I want Eunoia Review to be the sort of publication people can return to as and when they have the time, without having to feel pressured to catch up on an entire issue's worth of material.

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