Monday, July 25, 2011

Episode 1036: Catching Up...

Not suffering too badly from jet lag, although there were a few minutes in the afternoon, formatting submissions, when I felt somewhat sleepy. Otherwise though, I expect to slip back into a normal sleep cycle fairly quickly this time around. Had more than a month's worth of pieces to put into the queue, so that took up my late morning till early afternoon. All caught up on that front though, so there's now work lined up till late March. Many thanks to all the contributors so far! Bizarrely, someone's just e-mailed to ask if he can withdraw two out of the three poems I accepted so that he can try his luck with them elsewhere, seeing as I have a publication queue that stretches several months ahead at this point. (Yes, that was actually the full reason given.) Probably should have said no, the poems stay with me, but I suppose something like this was bound to happen sooner or later in any case. I mean, without meaning to put down my own editorial judgement (confidence in which David Tait has been instrumental in developing over the past couple of months), I'm under no illusions that a young online publication like mine is unlikely to command the same sort of cache among some writers as a more established publication. So while I thought the request was a tad on the crass side, I do have 236 pieces scheduled and can well afford to allow him to retract the two poems. (I draw the line at taking them back if March rolls around and no one else has accepted them.) Anyway, on the TV side of things, as of today I have 15 episodes of TV shows to catch up on, and I'm actually making good headway. Should have cleared them all by the middle of the week, along with the new episodes that'll be accumulating meanwhile too.

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