Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Episode 1037: ...And Getting Into The Swing Of Things

Just read the two submissions forwarded to me for The Cadaverine in the past weeks. Should have done it sooner really, as they turned out to be quite straightforward rejections. Didn't really have much concrete advice for the writers this time though, as there wasn't anything specific that could be tweaked for improvement. What was needed in both stories was more like a complete overhaul, which I tried to phrase as delicately as I could, particularly since one submission was from a 10-year-old via his mother. (That was an unusual one.) Tomorrow, I'm going to get on with my review of Sidereal hopefully, but I'll need to re-read it first. Or I could procrastinate by trying to finish Metro 2033! Really want to see how it ends, as this is a rare occasion that I haven't flicked through the last couple of pages to find out how everything ends. Need to get the review done by Monday though, in time for the magazine's launch. Then it's on to the review of Brittle Star that I've been sitting on for ages, before I'll finally have time to turn my thoughts to my 500-word dissertation proposal that I need to return together with my module choices to the department by 1 September.

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