Friday, July 22, 2011

Episode 1033: Warwick Castle

So I've finally been to Warwick Castle and I found it a little tacky, to be honest. It's like the historical aspect of it has been tarted up for popular consumption. As an example, the new Merlin Tower is basically trying to ride the popularity of the current BBC adaptation. The whole experience lasts about 15 minutes, and not a lot actually takes place. The Castle Dungeon is slightly better, although it's hard not to laugh at the costumed actors. This applies generally to the rest of the castle. I think Warwick Castle is like Disneyland, a place best enjoyed by young kids. Once you get to adolescence, it gets harder to achieve that suspension of disbelief that allows you not to find the costumed reenactments silly. I suppose it's okay to visit once, maybe even twice, but as far as castles go, give me the ruins at Kenilworth any day. Thought of bringing parents to Stratford, but as it began raining not long after we got back to the hotel, it's just as well that we didn't go. Actually took the 68 back from Warwick to Leamington, so that was a nice touch for me.

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