Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Episode 1016: One Review Down, Three To Go!

Almost didn't get the review of The Day Of Small Things done today, but I sat myself down at my laptop and got it written before dinner. It's a charity publication, so I had to approach the review from a different angle, which has turned to be exactly what my editor was hoping for. Three pending reviews to clear by the end of the month (though I'm free to pick more Vagabondage Press titles to review as and when I'm able), and I'm technically done for the summer, unless something online comes up for review or I manage to snag something off the Drunken Boat list when it comes out this time. (Yeah, I might've forgotten to mention that I did get this new reviewing gig. Also probably forgot to mention I've taken up the one at Rum & Reviews Magazine, which is officially launching August 1, so keep a look out for that!) Either way, I'm happy. I like having more free time, but I like getting things to read for free even more. On a more personal note, Eunoia Review has begun publishing a series of fiction pieces by Darragh McManus, who also writes for The Guardian. I think they're really good, and they've been in the publication queue for quite a while now, so I'm glad they're finally seeing the light of day.

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