Saturday, July 23, 2011

Episode 1034: Bye UK (For Now)!

Woke up to good news! 'Homecoming', my three-part poem about Singapore, has been accepted by Quarterly Literary Review Singapore for the upcoming issue, following significant rewriting. Really quite pleased, and it's a nice note on which to end my brief return to the UK. Also means QLRS is one of the few publications where I've successfully placed work more than once, the others being Calliope Nerve and Six Sentences. Stopped by an Oxfam store one last time, and walked away with a small stack of poetry books from Bloodaxe and Picador. That's me, heroically rescuing donated poetry books from not being read. Speaking of reading, I've done a fair bit during this week. Finished Rachel Boast's Sidereal on the flight from Singapore to London, the issue of Brittle Star I'm meant to be reviewing on the train from London to Leamington, and now I'm making considerable headway through Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033. It's mildly irritating how inconsistent spellings and grammatical errors keep cropping up in this novel though. I'll say this much though, it's enjoyably gritty, and I'm glad there's already a sequel of sorts, straightforwardly (or unimaginatively) titled Metro 2034. Parents have gone off to board their BA flight, so I'm just waiting for my gate to open...

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