Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Episode 1031: Poems And Interview Posted!

Journey from London Marylebone to Leamington Spa went off without a hitch. Got an earlier train than expected, since our tickets were valid on it too. That meant being able to get to my boxes in storage earlier, whereupon I opened more than half the boxes before finding my ATM card and IC, but at least that's settled now. Then headed to Kenilworth Castle with my parents. Totally turning into a fan of English Heritage, particularly how they produce mock newspapers for sale in their gift shops. (Look! Something new for me to collect. Three and counting...) Back in our hotel now, which is pretty swanky and run by a Cantonese family. It's cheaper than the Royal National Hotel that we stayed at in London, but it's so much nicer! Definitely considering this place again, if for whatever reason I have to stay in Leamington for leisure in future. (It's the Victoria Park Hotel on Adelaide Road, if anyone's curious.) Incidentally, a handful of my poems have been posted in the past couple of days, four at Calliope Nerve and two at Ink Sweat & Tears. The interview I did with The Review Review is also online here now. Really excited to see that go up, and especial thanks go to Priyatam for conducting the interview. Check it out!

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