Monday, April 02, 2012

Episode 1288: Game Of Thrones Is Back!

Am finally watching the season premiere of Game Of Thrones, and yes, the show's still as awesome as I remembered. Still don't know what HBO will do when they run out of books to adapt, especially since George R. R. Martin might just be massively trolling the universe and planning to die before the last book of the series is written. On the other hand, I've decided not to continue following AMC's remake of The Killing, as the Season 1 finale really annoyed me and from what people are saying online, it seems like the Season 2 premiere isn't exactly forthcoming on answers either, and I'm not spending another season with a show that refuses to make progress towards solving pretty much its only mystery that I expect the audience cares about. Annie tells me the Danish original was excellent, and that's exactly what Tom Cornford told us at least twice last year during our Shakespeare seminars, so at some point, I might check that out, if I can find it online. Spent a couple of hours in the Library this evening, alternating between playing Words With Friends on my iPhone and reading Koh Buck Song's Brand Singapore: How Nation Branding Built Asia's Leading Global City. Had to finish it because it was due today, which I might have complained about in a previous post. Anyway, I did, and I came away not particularly impressed by Koh's analysis. While I generally agreed with it, I felt that it just came off ultimately as quite cursory, given that it's written by a self-professed expert. Some of his comments on the Merlion should prove useful for my dissertation though, so reading the book wasn't necessarily a waste of time.

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