Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Episode 1303: Kept Yesterday's Promise!

Have done some work today, which I'm ridiculously proud of. Read a bunch of articles and essays, and also decided a bunch of others weren't exactly relevant to the paper per se, so I'm not going to spend time reading them because I'll just use it as an excuse to put off actually getting on with writing. Am reworking the abortive draft I was supposed to turn in last term into part of the conference paper, so the word count is off to a bit of an artificial boost. I will get at least the first paragraph down before bed, and I'll hopefully write a more substantial chunk tomorrow. I mean, I literally have to do about 500 words a day to get this done, which is entirely manageable even for my advanced level of procrastination, given how the conference paper can't possibly delve very deeply into anything anyway, due to time (and therefore space) constraints. Tomorrow, I'm going to read the opening bit of GĂ©rard Genette's Palimpsests: Literature In The Second Degree, just to see if I can fit it together with the Eliot essay as a theoretical scaffold for my argument. I suppose the Bloom reference in my paper's title can be excused because it's practically become theoretical shorthand for a sort of Freudian understanding of literary inheritance, even if according to Bloom, most people have 'weakly misread' his book if that's their takeaway.

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