Friday, April 06, 2012

Episode 1292: Thanks FictionDaily!

Am back from Mike's birthday barbecue. Good times had by all, with appropriate amounts of banter! Anyway, was the latest episode of Community its best ever or its best ever? This show's definitely at its greatest when it's poking fun at familiar cultural institutions. It's frustrating how people aren't watching it, whereas The Big Bang Theory, which is also a fairly weird comedy, is getting up to four times the viewership, as measured by the admittedly flawed Nielsen system. Part of the problem is clearly the general failure of NBC's primetime lineup to thrive, e.g. Smash is supposed to be the network's latest hit, but its ratings would get it cancelled on pretty much every other network (except The CW, which would kill to have even those). I just hope the prospect of syndication gets Community the fourth season it so clearly deserves. Incidentally, for the third time, the FictionDaily site has featured a story from Eunoia Review under its LONG category! Really chuffed about that, I have to admit. Here's hoping the journal gets a few more regular viewers out of being featured. That'd make me really happy for the writers with work in Eunoia Review. I've been getting a fairly steady stream of submissions lately, and looking at the Duotrope's Digest statistics, I'm starting to think it definitely doesn't reflect my true acceptance-rejection ratio anymore. If anything, if 100% of the submissions I receive were reported, the journal probably wouldn't be in the list of top 25 Most Approachable for poetry or fiction. Definitely would still be right at the top for 25 Swiftest in both categories though. Now that they've started listing non-fiction as a separate category, I'm hoping more people will cotton on to the fact that Eunoia Review accepts creative non-fiction submissions too, as those have always been lacking so far.

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