Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 1310: Glutton For Punishment?

Double rejection today, almost exactly 12 hours apart. So after feeling a bit blue for a while, my response has been to send out even more work, including a postal submission for the next Unthology. It's probably a long shot, that one, but it would be pretty awesome if my story actually made it in. I definitely go through phases when it comes to submitting my work. I'll do a sizeable batch of submissions at one go, and then I'll go for weeks, even months, without sending anything else out. Then something will set me off again, and the cycle just repeats itself. I think the reason why I don't submit regularly is that I don't really think I have a lot of work that is good enough to send out, so once the good pieces are sent out, they're tied up until I hear back from the various editors. I'm also thinking of sending a pamphlet-length submission to Holdfire Press, although I feel even less optimistic about that, since the past few pamphlet submissions I've made have all led to nothing. Sometimes I just feel like there's this disconnect between the feedback I get within a classroom setting, and the judgements being made by editors out there. So either I'm a far worse writer than I've been told I am, or I'm just not targeting the right publications (though I've improved on that front since I first started out). Or maybe I'm just on the right side of mediocre, but not so far enough across the line as to stand out from the millions of writers out there, all also trying to make their voices heard. This is possibly one of the few areas of my life that I can actually get quite insecure about.

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