Thursday, April 12, 2012

Episode 1298: Unwittingly Wasting Time, But Google Saved The Night

So once again, I had this grand plan to read after dinner, and it was ruined. While preparing to upload a new piece to the WordPress site of The Cadaverine, I decided to update our theme, thinking that this would just optimise the underlying code. Turns out it significantly altered the layout! After spending an hour or so trying to tweak the updated layout to resemble as closely as possible what we were using previously, I managed to discover through the miracle of Google that the original theme files could still be downloaded from WordPress's own website. So once I'd done that, it was simply going to be a matter of a few tweaks, right? Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I could figure out minor things like getting the font on all our posts to appear as black (I'd done this before), but I couldn't work out how to get our navigation bar to look like it used to. The trouble was that the site originally had a mixture of pages and categories in the navigation bar, but the older version of our theme doesn't support custom WordPress menus. So I either ended up with just the pages (and a duplicate Home button) or the categories. After another hour of trial and error, once again it was a fortuitous Google search that allowed me to figure out what part of the code to modify in order to get pages and categories to appear together in the navigation bar. Turns out it wasn't that difficult, and if I'd actually known how to do coding, I probably would've figured it out straight away, as opposed to spending the entire evening on this and rendering moot any attempt at reading. Guess that's another day of putting off getting started on my conference paper...

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