Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Episode 1304: How Flattering...

Received a pleasant surprise in my inbox today from Craig. A PR person e-mailed Rum & Reviews Magazine, asking for me by name to review the debut novel of one of her clients. Coincidentally, there's a Coventry connection as well, as the author was born and raised here, but now lives in Vancouver. In a further twist, that's also where the previous author whose book I requested to review for The Conium Review is based! Was quite surprised that this PR person found me via Rum & Reviews Magazine though, as it's been a few months since I reviewed anything for that site, and I've only ever done three reviews there anyway. Still, it's quite flattering to be sought after, even in such a minor way. It does mean that the reviews are starting to pile up again though, so I'll have to get cracking once my paper's written. I'm probably going to be on track for my 500 words a day from today till Sunday, so that's good. Once I've got past the introductory bit, the rest of the paper should pretty much write itself, just because it's mostly going to be close readings of poems with the occasional critic thrown in to give my argument greater weight.

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