Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Episode 1289: Coventry's Nightblue Fruit

Apparently the cleaner doesn't come to do my room on Tuesday anymore? I'm so confused. I'm assuming it's now Thursday, since that's when they showed up last week, but I assumed it was just a one-off. Anyway, I went to the Nightblue Fruit open mic at Taylor John's House. (First Tuesday of every month, except January, for anyone in the area who's interested!) It was a lot better than the one at that place in Leamington that shall remain unidentified. Didn't read anything myself this time, but I think I will, if my friends are interested in going back in the coming months. Going to have to miss the very next one though, seeing as I'm back in Singapore for the whole of May. I got a bit bored while I was online in the afternoon, so I ended up buying the clinic II anthology and all five of the print chapbooks NAP has for order. Most of the latter have a limited print run of 150, and as they all sound intriguing for various reasons, I thought I'd best get in there before they're sold out. Am also contemplating getting the PANK Magazine iPhone/iPad app, but I'm going to read a few of the online issues to see if the work they publish is my kind of thing. I've been hearing nothing but good things, but as the app is a fairly expensive investment for digital issues, I want to be sure. Would also like to subscribe to Midwestern Gothic, but that's a bit trickier because there doesn't seem to be a way to preview the magazine's material.

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