Monday, April 23, 2012

Episode 1309: Paper's Done!

I did manage to finish my paper last night, but then I couldn't get to sleep, so I just stayed up catching up on all the TV shows I'd put off watching over the weekend. Did nap for a couple of hours sometime around 6 am, although I kind of slept through my alarm and scuppered my own plan to get an English breakfast at University House before my EN911 seminar. I'm still super sleepy now, so I'm not going to start on the review writing till tomorrow. Once I do though, I'll be a machine! In fact, I tempted to just go straight to bed after this new episode of Game Of Thrones, rather than staying up to read like I normally do, even though there's heaps of stuff that I want to dive into, now that I can temporarily put aside my dissertation. Would like to start reading for my EN954 essay (for which I also need to decide on a title by Friday), as I'm trying to return all the elegy-related books I'm holding onto, so that my friends taking the module can pick up the books. Plus I'm going to be away for a month, so I figure that it might be a good idea to return all the Library books I have on loan, in order to avoid a repeat of the debacle over the Christmas holidays. Haven't quite decided on that yet, as in many cases, the odds that anyone is going to want to borrow the books I have are quite slim. Pretty sure nobody is going to place a hold on any of the four books from the Schools Collection that I've had since I can't even remember when!

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