Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 1299: Lots Of Literary Goodness!

So today, three NAP chapbooks arrived in the post. Two more will be on their way once they've been published. I also bit the bullet and bought the back issues of [PANK] (digital, because that was the only way to get the earlier issues, even if they're somehow taking forever to download onto my iPhone) and Electric Literature (paperback, because there was no additional shipping charge and I do like holding a physical magazine to read). I also bought Sleepers Publishing's app that gathers together the stories the Melbourne-based publisher puts out through The Sleepers Annual. Didn't neglect the print side of things though, as The Book Depository finally made a 10% discount coupon available, so I finally ordered all those books that have been in my basket for about a month, and then some. The coupon's valid till mid-May, so I might end up buying some more books before then. I'm only willing to spend so much because I'm going back to Singapore in just over two weeks for a month, so I'm just treating all the money I've spent today as being what I would've spent in May anyway if I'd been in the UK.

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