Saturday, April 28, 2012

Episode 1314: Marginal Cartographies

So today has been pretty cool. Short version: I finished reading Brian Selznick's Wonderstruck, Gregory Sherl added me on Facebook, I gave my first (and sadly, probably last, for the time being anyway) conference paper, Daren Shiau added me on Facebook, and I came home from the conference with enough teabags and sugar to last me the rest of the year. If you're short on time (and patience), you can stop reading now. I won't get upset. Now here's the long version, if you have time. I read Selznick's The Invention Of Hugo Cabret a couple of nights ago, and it was just as beautiful as the movie adaptation. Wonderstruck was great as well, in a chills-down-spine way, even though I figured out the book's twist before it was revealed through the storytelling. After not enough sleep, I woke up to discover Gregory's added me on Facebook, and I'm glad we agree on the non-creepiness of adding each other. Still love your writing (and that poem on The Rumpus today). Conference paper ended up being way too short, but I just played it like it was intentional, and thankfully, people seemed to find my paper interesting. (Saying stuff in an even tone always makes it more convincing!) Turns out someone else who turned up in my session is also from Singapore, studying at Sussex, which was a nice surprise! Then Kenny tagged me in a Facebook note, and I presume because of that, Daren added me, which is helpful because I might be able to talk to him about his Merlion poem now. (Maybe I should just get Kenny to help me out? I'm sure he's got the contacts. Will ask him when I next pop by the bookstore.) Then to cap off a great day, I ate lots of sandwiches and crisps at the wine reception, and took home lots of teabags and sugar sachets. Would've preferred for the vending machine not to eat up my £1.50 when all I was trying to do was buy a bottle of Coke, but hey, I've had worse days.

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