Sunday, April 22, 2012

Episode 1308: One Does Not Simply Finish Writing A Paper...

Am going to press on and finish the conference paper before I go to bed, instead of putting it off for another day. Surprising amount of discipline, right? (More like I just want to be done with it so that I can have a fun first week of Summer Term, before I fly home for another month of, well, fun.) I do hope my supervisor will be somewhat happy with the result when I meet him on Wednesday. It actually feels kind of good, knowing that when I've finished the paper, I'll have around 2500 words down on paper, all of which will be making it into some part of my dissertation, and given that the dissertation is only 16000 words, 2500 is quite a fair proportion of it in the bag, so to speak. It's definitely not as detailed in its analysis as my academic writing usually tries to be, but I'm aware of this and it'll obviously be addressed when I have to rewrite the paper for my actual dissertation chapters. Once the paper's done though, I also have heaps of reviewing work to catch up on, but that'll be more fun to write than the paper's been. Pretty much have to write two reviews by the end of this week, but it should be okay because I've already read the stuff to be reviewed.

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