Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 1301: Hillsong London

Was pleasantly surprised by the Hillsong London service this afternoon that I attended with my cell. Everyone knows megachurches tend to attract criticism, but if this was a typical service, I personally wouldn't have many qualms about attending Hillsong London on a regular basis. The band, of course, was great, but actually, the number of musicians they had was pretty normal (although they did have six backing vocalists). I'm one of those people who don't agree that just because 'it's worship', good musicianship is suddenly optional and only the intent matters, so no complaints about the band from me. It was interesting how everyone was so cool and trendy though (even the speaker was wearing skinny jeans and bright yellow shoes), which is part of the appeal of a megachurch like Hillsong, I guess. That said, in the row right in front of us at the Dominion Theatre was an elderly couple. On an entirely different note, this is my new favourite YouTube channel. I've never actually heard most of the songs being parodied, but the ones that I recognise, I think are absolutely brilliant. The only way they could be better would be if the production quality were on par with the original songs, in which case, I might actually stop listening to the originals in favour of these educational parodies. The 'Bad Romance' one about the French Revolution is a particular favourite, and I have a sneaking suspicion even Mr Rollason would have approved of it!

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