Thursday, April 26, 2012

Episode 1312: Stupid NatWest!

Thanks to the erratic nature of American network television scheduling, I only had two shows to catch up with today, which in turn meant that I had time to pop down to Leamington to deposit the cheque the DVLA issued me as a refund for my application fee. Had to go all that way because NatWest have only gone at shut down their campus branch! (First they restricted my debit card to withdrawals from RBS and NatWest machines, now this?) Clearly should also have tried to organise my time better so that I could reread Nathan Thompson's chapbook and finally write the review for it. Going to aim to do that tomorrow, at least the rereading anyway. Anyway, I read Gregory Sherl's Last Night Was Worth Talking About on the bus journey to Leamington, and I really liked it. You can buy it here, and you could wait but you probably shouldn't since the chapbook has a limited run of 150 copies. I like Sherl's writing so much, I might even try adding him on Facebook. It wouldn't even be that stalkerish because we have six friends in common. That's more than one hand, so it's okay, right? On the subject of limited runs, I've also bought a copy of Roddy Lumsden's book from Penned in the Margins, The Bells Of Hope. It's an elegantly minimalist red hardback, and there are only 200 copies of it. Mine was 76/200 (and signed, which I wasn't expecting), so if they're sending them out in order, you should probably also get your copy here soon, if you want. Credit goes to Claire for showing the book to me halfway through our drive to Chipping Norton last week, as I probably wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

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