Saturday, April 07, 2012

Episode 1293: This Day Doesn't Exist, Apparently

So it's the third week of the Easter holidays, and I'm slightly ashamed to say that I still haven't done anything for my conference paper. Earlier, I did briefly consider reading Bloom's book, but then almost immediately thought better of it and decided to stick to reading something I'd actually enjoy, just for one more night, although I suppose I could do 'work' by reading the Merlion anthology yet again. Then again, as someone mentioned at Mike's yesterday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday doesn't really feel like it exists, and you wouldn't feel like doing work on it anyway. To be fair, I could've had a productive evening, if I hadn't spent most of it looking for new music. I think maybe I should go through all the hassle of bringing my laptop to the Library next week, or perhaps use Dropbox to store a copy of all my dissertation readings, so that I can access them from a Library computer and do some work. Might as well make use of Dropbox since I've got it, right? Assuming the Library computer allows me to install the Dropbox application and sync files locally, of course...

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