Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Episode 1311: Whew!

So it turns out my supervisor quite liked my conference paper. That was a relief. Didn't really know how he was going to react to it. He did have some small suggestions that he'd jotted down here and there, some of which I've incorporated, some of which I'm leaving till when I actually write the dissertation. He also corrected some of my words, but the corrections didn't seem to make sense. Why substitute 'forebears' with 'forebearers', or 'behoves' with 'behooves'? Pretty sure in both cases that my usage is the dominant form in British English! Have finished the PowerPoint presentation that I'm going to use on Saturday, and I'd forgotten how ugly PowerPoint is. On a happier note, after last week's massive order from Mud Luscious Press, I've made a more modest order today from YesYes Books. It's also finally been confirmed that I'm getting a review copy of Ryan Frawley's Scar sent to me in Singapore, which was the book I was approached by a PR person to review a week ago. Quite excited because it sounds like the kind of postmodern fiction that I'd enjoy, as opposed to finding tedious. That and it's of course still really cool to have your reputation as a reviewer precede you. Haha!

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