Saturday, April 21, 2012

Episode 1307: Chipping Norton Literary Festival

Finally made a trip to the Post Room this afternoon to pick up all of this week's parcels! I might just spend tomorrow reading Luke Kennard instead of writing the rest of my paper. Am slightly behind on the word count now, as I was at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival this evening. (Thanks for the lift, Claire!) Really enjoyed the poets featured, especially Paul Askew, Laila Sumpton and Anna McCrory, whose poems I felt were brilliant when read aloud but I can imagine would also work very well on the page. Came back and got a tweet from an author promoting his new audio book, which got me thinking about whether the next area Eunoia Review might expand into is publishing audio work. Not just writers' recordings to accompany their texts, but actual audio-only work like The Drum Literary Magazine does. I think it's be pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it'd be feasible, logistically speaking, in terms of hosting the audio files. If it really took off as a thing that the journal does, I doubt I could rely on the space provided by WordPress for uploading files! Plus I'd probably need to get someone involved in handling audio submissions, just because I don't think I could handle the extra workload. Ah well, I'll think about it when I've got more time on my hands.

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