Monday, August 03, 2009

Episode 315: Procrastination Is An Art Form

Made use of mio TV today to watch Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Dialogue was a bit clunky, but plot was a standard affair, even the part where the male lead dies in an act of noble self-sacrifice. So yeah, I kind of wasted nearly two hours of my life on that. I have a soft spot for the Final Fantasy franchise though, simply because Final Fantasy VIII was the first RPG that I played. That and my parents disapproving of its imagery. Anyway, I woke up today, sat down in front of my laptop, and within five minutes, I figured out the gist of what I'll be talking about tomorrow. It's all laid out in point form in a PowerPoint presentation, which I will hopefully not actually need, just because I kind of hate Powerpoint. Now that that's sorted out in my head, I can spend Tuesday evening and beyond on the script. I'm procrastinating not because the rewriting I'll need to do to accommodate the recommended changes is substantial, but it's scattered throughout all the scenes I had a hand in scripting, so the task feels somehow bigger than it actually is. So instead of getting on with it, I've been reading. Ostensibly, my excuse for that is that all this reading is going to spontaneously erupt as pages and pages of writing next term, but hey, who am I kidding? In slightly less important news, Threadless is having a sale again, but I refuse to be tempted! Do you hear me? I will not allow myself to spend more money that I don't have! I am turning over a new leaf. It's temporarily imposed by necessity, but with time, it may transform into something self-perpetuating. I hope.

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