Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Episode 317: Ennui Assails

Went to get a haircut today, and then had sinfully oily KFC for lunch. It was fried, and it was good. Okay, not really, but every so often, I feel the need to clog up my arteries. (Why is it just arteries? Do the veins have some special biological self-cleaning mechanism? Or is this purely a figure of speech?) I spent the entire afternoon playing meaningless games of Civilization IV. I say meaningless because I've never bothered to become any good at the game, so I just set it on the easiest difficulty setting and use it to while away the hours. It sounds a bit pathetic, I know, but I needed a change from staring at poems on a page. Am finding it really hard to read Transtr├Âmer, in case you're wondering. Watched The Hand That Rocks The Cradle on mio TV after dinner, but on fast-forward because it was really predictable, and my mum and I basically figured out what the plot was going to be after 15 minutes. Started on a new book as well, The New Oxford Book Of Literary Anecdotes, edited by John Gross. It's quite entertaining, so I think I'll take that for the bus ride to Eugene's house tomorrow morning!

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