Sunday, August 30, 2009

Episode 342: Blitzing Through Kinokuniya

Just got back from Yong Long's birthday surprise at Suntec. Tropical humidity at night very unpleasant, as usual. Anyway, today's must have been the quickest trip to Kinokuniya I've ever made. Skipped the last 15 minutes or so of service and went down to Orchard, making it there in under half an hour. I picked up eight books, mostly books I've been looking to buy for more than a couple of months now, so no guilt there about spending. These included the Miramax Books editions of Sergei Lukyanenko's Watch quartet. I've been waiting for ages for Last Watch to be translated into English, and I was going to wait till I got back to the UK to order the Arrow Books editions off Amazon UK, but since the Miramax ones just happened to be on the shelves, and I kind of prefer their grittier cover art anyway, I decided against waiting any longer. Also made the mistake of buying some Jeff Lindsay books that I already have, so I'll have to go back on Tuesday to exchange them for something else. Probably some Nabokov, I reckon. Need to start picking which books to bring back with me to the UK. Really want to bring all my Thomas Hardy novels over and read them in chronological order like Mr Purvis sometimes mentioned. Haha...

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