Sunday, August 16, 2009

Episode 328: Mel's Historical Tea Party

Went for Mel's tea party today! Had initially planned on attending service after that, but since my family wasn't going to (presumably out of social responsibility), I elected to do likewise. Ended up staying really late anyway. I did make my cardboard cutouts for the rebus, the product being greeted with mixed reactions. I think the rebus was impressive, but the overall visual impact was decidedly underwhelming. Haha! The tea party itself was great fun though, so kudos to Mel for organising it. Sophie, if you're reading this, there was Pimm's! I was just snacking intermittently on the food throughout, which has now made me feel slightly guilty because I've probably busted my junk food quota for a few weeks. I did love Mel's lemon cake though. Will have to ask her for the recipe. It had just the right level of sourness to seduce the tastebuds. Ended up playing a few listless rounds of mahjong after almost everyone had gone, winding up with Thong and his tea ceremony. I maintain that he's really too young to already be interested in stuff like that, but it's Thong after all. We adjourned to Harry's@Orchard for a final drink, where there were loads of hookers and/or SPGs hanging around the (mostly white) men. Talk about tropical clichés!

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