Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Episode 324: The Crucible

Paid a visit to the National Library again. Returned some stuff that I hadn't read (but which I will get out again the next time I get a chance) and got some new books out. A couple of experimental fiction novels, partly because I'm about to start reading Steve Tomasula's VAS: An Opera In Flatland and I'm interested in this category, whatever it actually means. Headed over to Central to meet Claudia and Eugene for tea, before going to see The Crucible. As it was the graduation production of SRT's The Young Co., one would expect a certain standard, if not outright perfection. Claudia and I both thought that the production was decent. Somewhat lacklustre initially, but improving steadily as time wore on. Eugene, as I expected, was snootier about the whole thing, claiming that he could have done better himself. Personally, I thought some of the accents could have been more consistent, and once that was sorted, a lot of the acting would have come across as more natural. I did love the set though, especially the dangling lanterns and how one of them just dropped down in the final scene to represent John Proctor's hanging. We ended off the night at IndoChine's The Forbidden City because we have such active social lives that we just had to get a nightcap. Really. Haha! I had an appalling cocktail though. The Spanish Fly. Tasted like cough syrup! I'm not sure which ingredient made it taste so weird, but I suspect it was the melon liqueur. What a waste of $16...

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