Thursday, August 27, 2009

Episode 339: L'attente, C'est Ennuyeuse Et Fatigante

The script was fleshed out last night, but I haven't got around to writing it because Bella dropped us an e-mail to say that Jerrick was going to give her some 'suggestions for what we could include in the script while writing, to make it more marketable'. So I'm going to wait for those. Not to be snarky, but with the amount of writing and rewriting we've done so far, I figure I'm better off just waiting for everyone to voice their opinion before actually putting fingers to keyboard. There is the slight matter of how to sneak in bits of dialogue from Wilde's play, which should still be possible, but will require some creative thinking on my part. So instead of writing, I've spent the time reading Belle de Jour's latest offering, Playing The Game, a work of fiction every bit as deliciously forthright as her two earlier non-fiction offerings. Also purchased a one-month premium subscription to Megaupload, for the simple reason that it's worth paying a little to avoid having to be glued to your laptop 24/7 just to get some TV shows. Things are also looking up on the part-time work front, as I might be getting some administrative stuff from High Achievers instead of facilitation slots during this lull period. Fingers crossed!

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