Saturday, August 15, 2009

Episode 327: Cousin's Wedding Dinner

Most of the day revolved around my cousin's wedding, with the unfortunate added inconvenience of my dad being out of action due to a case of influenza. So it was public transport the whole day! Went down to my aunt's place in the morning for the tea ceremony. I think it's a bit silly that to get to a place further down on a ring road, I've got to take a bus all the way to the interchange and switch to another one. God forbid that there actually be a bus that goes around the whole loop! Got back a bit too late to make it down to the musical meeting, but the word from Yee Hung is that rewriting is still demanded. Oh well. Like I didn't see that one coming. Spent the time before the wedding dinner catching up with my online Spanish lessons. Am slightly behind, but I should be able to meet my target of completing Spanish, then Italian, before heading back to the UK. Dinner was at Hotel Miramar, and it was a pretty standard affair, except for once, I got to sit at one of the head tables. Cheap thrill, but hey, the next time that's going to happen is probably at my own wedding, barring either of my sisters getting hitched before me. The table was bigger, the tablecloth was pink, and we were served using fancier bowls and dishes. That was about it, as far as I could tell.

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