Saturday, August 08, 2009

Episode 320: Roaring Twenties Dinner Party

The theme for Mel's dinner party was the Roaring Twenties, but since men's fashion hasn't drastically changed since that era, I just wore a long-sleeved shirt and my Ted Baker waistcoat. My only concession to contemporary fashion? That skinny tie from Topman. The final look is devastatingly sharp, at least for me. Makes me look like the frontman of some up-and-coming 'it' band. Haha! It's completely horrid to be out and about wearing this outfit in Singapore though, due to the humidity. I was roasting on the way to Mel's house and back. Dinner was a strictly vegetarian affair, but it was delicious all the same, so kudos to Eugene, Mel and Vaish for putting everything together for all of us! As for how my reading's going, I'm still making my way through that book of anecdotes. Am close to being done, after which I'll get back to Tomas Transtr├Âmer's poetry. Have an intriguing book waiting for me after that, but I'll blog about it when I've started reading it. It's one of those works where content and design attain a synergistic state, so I'm quite excited to read the thing, having had my eye on it in the National Library for a long time now.

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