Friday, August 21, 2009

Episode 333: I Want To Befriend Edward Hirsch!

Made a detour to the library before Alpha, so that I could return some books. Said returning consisted of dropping off books and picking up the exact same ones again at the Queenstown branch. Just a little trick to avoid having to renew books that I can't finish in time. I did finish reading Edward Hirsch's Poet's Choice though, which explains the title of this post. If anyone needs to be convinced that poetry matters, please read this book. It's a particularly nifty introduction to wonderful poets who have been translated into English, whom I would in all likelihood never know of but for reading this book. Too many examples to list here, so if you're interested in finding out more, find a way to grab a copy of it! Anyway, I've decided once I clear the current pile of library books on my table, it's time to stop borrowing stuff and start reading the books that I actually own. Like all those Joanne Harris novels I meant to finish over summer. Not to mention The New Poetry from Bloodaxe, which I meant to finish reading during this vacation as well, in preparation for next year's work. So no more libraries for me!

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