Friday, August 28, 2009

Episode 340: Enfin, J'ai Plein Du Fric!

No progress on the script front at my end. Will have to do it over the weekend, I guess, although seeing as how Saturday is already packed and Sunday's always spent in church, I'm guessing I'll procrastinate, get started on Sunday night, and finish on Monday afternoon. Maybe I should right the synopsis for the sponsorship team first, and that'll help me get into the groove of writing. I want to head down to Kinokuniya on Sunday after service! Mustn't let this month of 20% discount go to waste by not getting a single book. Still have to be prudent though. Allowance has just come in, so I need to draw out money to pay my mum back everything that she's lent me since I got back. So I will carry on not buying stuff while I'm in Singapore. Must. Hold. Out. Till. Boxing Day sales! It's the single biggest reason for not coming home for Christmas this year. I might fly back for a couple of weeks, just not the whole month. Still harbour ideas about taking a sprawling, random journey by train across continental Europe. Dad thinks it's too dangerous to do it alone, so any takers?

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