Friday, August 07, 2009

Episode 319: Class Gathering

About a third of the class came to the gathering at Rui Min's place, which I guess is pretty good, considering it's been four years since graduation and some absences couldn't be helped in the first place. Surprisingly, I was the first to arrive, despite thinking that I was going to be fashionably late and taking a wrong turn after getting off the bus and crossing the overhead bridge. A couple of people were going off to party, so it was pretty much just dinner and chitchat before they had to be off. I meant to bring that book of anecdotes out, but changed my mind in the end. I'm finding it just a bit tedious to get through it at present, but that's partly my fault for coming to it with too high expectations. I was looking to be entertained by wit bursting from every page, but what I'm getting instead is more of an assortment of random bits of trivia. To be fair, there are occasional moments of amusement, but not of the laugh-out-loud variety. I actually thought of giving up on the book and moving on to something else (there're plenty of choices piled on my table, not counting what I'm planning to read for next year's modules), but have elected to soldier on manfully and finish what I've started. Haha! Just hope there aren't any other duds in my pile from the library, especially that book about food and drink that sounded literarily (and literally) scrumptious.

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