Monday, August 31, 2009

Episode 343: Writing, But Just Baby Steps

I wrote a haiku tonight and titled it 'After The Bomb Went Off'. Haiku because I'm feeling lazy, the second stanza I wrote lacked impact, and I already wrote Scene 6 of the musical so my brain is on the fritz till tomorrow. Managed to sneak in two snatches of dialogue from the Wilde original, which was pretty good, so if I can keep it up for the next five scenes, more or less, my half of the script is done! Am probably going to try to re-read The Importance Of Being Earnest yet again before writing any more scenes. I went down to make my exchanges at Kinokuniya today instead of tomorrow, since I suspect that if I go down tomorrow, I won't be able to get 20% off on the exchanged books because the promotion will be over. Picked up two Nabokov novels, The Gift and Glory. They're very far down on my reading list though, since I've got stacks of stuff to get through already. The only good thing about e-books is portability, but that benefit only has relevance for me as long as my personal library is forced to straddle two continents and time zones.

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