Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Episode 316: Rewriting's Done!

Today has been filled with various minor accomplishments. To begin with, I finished reading The Devil's Blind Spot: Tales From The New Century. The short stories in this book draw on historical characters and events, and they make for pretty compelling reading. All this gives me hope that someday I will actually develop a love for the discipline of history. (No offence to all the historians who might be reading this blog.) So from that, I've moved on to reading Tomas Transtr├Âmer's The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems. Then I went back to RJC to give a quick talk to the current batch of Humanities students. It just blows my mind that the campus is still undergoing renovation! Now there's even a covered walkway from the main building to a side gate that opens on an entrance to the Marymount MRT station. Kids these days have it so good! I'm still terrible at spontaneous public speaking. Dyed my hair when I got home, so now it's dark brown, which you can sort of see when the angle of the light is right. Most significant thing accomplished though, was finishing my edits and additions, and sending everything off to Yee Hung for him to add his stuff. Took me way less time than I thought it would, and left me wondering why in the world I was procrastinating to begin with! I've also demonstrated to my satisfaction that I have a better memory than my mum when it comes to remembering where my stuff is. First the receipt for my MOE claim, now my KrisFlyer membership card. Both claimed to be in my room, both discovered in hers. Haha...

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