Saturday, August 29, 2009

Episode 341: High Tea

This afternoon, my dad took me to high tea at the Equinox Restaurant in Swissôtel The Stamford. Great views of the city skyline, except I think it all looks rather drab in the day, sort of like how the pastel shades of Clarke Quay look great at night but just plain ridiculous in the clear light of day. As for the food, it was decent, but not anything to shout about, if you ask me. I did like the sorbets for dessert, but everything else was fairly average fare. Even in a classy establishment like this, Singaporeans do not fail to disappoint with their ugly behaviour, e.g. rushing for the lift when seating is already pre-allocated at the point of reservation, and waiting a while before attacking the food never hurt anybody. Went to my cousin's place in the evening for her baby daughter's first birthday, where various relatives expressed surprise that I was back. Well, you know, it's only been two whole months! On the way back in the car, I discovered that I really, really like the Private Lounge Remix edition of Enigma's A Posteriori. Also listened to Frankmusik's album in the afternoon, and I guess I was a bit too harsh and hasty in judging it. It is reasonably listenable, although the mixing makes all the songs sound like one long sequence of variations on the same electronic theme. Anyway, if it's possible to have a new favourite song after just one listen, I think mine's 'Vacant Heart' at the moment.

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