Thursday, August 06, 2009

Episode 318: Mahjong!

Went over to Eugene's place for a mahjong session with Ben Woon and Patrick. I got off lightly as the smallest loser, since Eugene won a good deal of everyone's money. We had to play three-player mahjong before Ben arrived, and I'd forgotten how easy it was to make combinations when only three people are playing. I also didn't know that McDonald's has a lunchtime promotion with prices that have never been seen since I was in my early teens. Have just found out that The Crucible is being staged at the SRT next week, but there's almost no chance that I'll be able to see it. Warwick party on Wednesday, Alpha on Friday, cousin's wedding on Saturday. My only free evening'll be Thursday! Does anyone want to catch The Crucible with me? I don't desperately have to see it, but it would be nice to pay a visit to the theatre again before leaving Singapore. Maybe Shirley's right. I should just plan to catch something in September instead. There's a couple of really cool exhibitions that I want to go to as well, but I doubt I will end up doing so, since I don't feel like going down alone and my dad's not free to drive me down. Sigh...

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